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Photonics Cluster Meeting – Berlin

12 octobre 2016 - International Congress Expo Micro-Photonics - Berlin

Bannière Respice

In order to strengthen the collaboration and networking among photonics clusters and experts, the RespiceSME consortium organizes a Photonics inter-cluster meeting in the framework of the international congress expo 'micro photonics' in Berlin on the 12th of October 2016.

This meeting will build a platform for exchange of Best Practices of cluster collaboration and innovation development in their regions and countries.

Furthermore, the participants will get insight on the tools developed within the project which aim at enhancing the innovation potential of photonics SMEs.


The programme of the event will focus on:

- Providing an insight of the European Commission's strategy towards photonics

- Best practices of cluster internationalisation at European level

- How innovation can influence industrial value chains and provide disruptive solutions



The inter-cluster meeting reaches out to all photonics clusters and platforms who are interested in:

  • Strengthening new business opportunities with other European photonics clusters
  • Generating and discussing new business models to get solutions to market
  • Encouraging innovative business creation for their respective SMEs
  • Enhancing market entry for innovative photonics technologies, processes and services