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International cooperation

Opticsvalley, a network from the Paris region open to the world

European technological cooperation and cluster cooperation

Since many years, Opticsvalley has been partner or coordinator of European projects (6th and 7th FP, Innovation Express-Innet…), in order to exchange and cooperate with other optics and electronics European clusters.
Opticsvalley also participates actively in the European Technological Platform "Photonics 21".
Thanks to this strategic position, Opticsvalley supports partnership and strategic development initiatives for companies and research laboratories in the Paris region, enabling them to work effectively at a European level.

International business cooperation

Opticsvalley is recognised as an international player, thanks to the delivery of a range of successful business support programmes: overseas missions, business conventions, participation in international conferences and cluster twinnings.
All these services are offered in partnership with regional actors for international development and in coordination with the French other optics and photonics clusters.
Opticsvalley also enables regional companies to implement successful internationalisation strategies, and helps national and regional inward investment agencies attract business to the region. For example, Opticsvalley is helping a Japanese company to implement offices in the area by organizing visits of potential partners (industry and research centers).

European projects and partners

Opticsvalley is a Startup Europe Ambassador.

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Ongoing projects

Opticsvalley is a partner in the European project DeepTechForGood. DeepTechforGood  is an Acceleration Program named Scale EUp²[PS1] and financed under the Horizon 2020 framework, committed to help Deep Tech startup accelerate their development and scale up at European level. 4 application domains: Health & Well-being, Industry 4.0, Smart Mobility, Smart City. Scale EUp² is led by 4 innovation hubs from Germany, France, Austria and Spain, working together to identify high potential Deep Tech startups. The Scale EUp² Program aims to support European Deep Tech startups to :

  • Accelerate growth
  • Cooperate with major European corporates
  • Raise funds from European investors
  • Attract public funding for their innovation and R&D projects
  • Attract talents, reinforce their skills and strategy
  • Get higher visibility

Find out more on our dedicated web site:

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  • Photonics4All
    Opticsvalley is a partner in the European project Photonics4All. This outreach project, financed by the European Commission, aims to promote photonics and light based technologies to young people, students, entrepreneurs, and the general public throughout the EU. A number of educational tools are being developed as part of the Photonics4All project: a Photonics App, a quiz, a game and an animated video to incite students to study photonics as well as to make known its applications and its uses to entrepreneurs and the general public. Partners: Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ) GERMANY, Opticsvalley (OV) FRANCE, The Delft University of Technology (TUD) NETHERLANDS, OpTecNet (OND) GERMANY, University of Southampton (UoS) UNITED KINGDOM, International Laser Center (ILC) SLOVAKIA, Photonics-Cluster-AT (PhAu) AUSTRIA, Instituto Tecnológico de Óptica, Color e Imagen (AIDO) SPAIN, Institute of Photonics & Nanotechnology of the National Research Council (CNR) ITALY, PhotonicSweden (PS) SWEDEN.
    Discover our fabulous promotional tools on Photonics (video, quiz, games & brochures): and upload our dedicated App :


  • RespiceSME
    Opticsvalley is a partner in the European project RespiceSME. The RespiceSME project aims to reinforce the innovative capacity of Europe’s photonics SMEs, clusters and national platforms by stimulating targeted collaborations in and beyond photonics. RespiceSME proposes new approaches for stronger innovative effectiveness using a 3-dimensional approach.
    In the first dimension, RespiceSME will evaluate and stimulate the innovation potential in order to strengthen the innovation capacity of high-tech photonics SMEs.
    In the second dimension, RespiceSME will enhance the global technological exploitation of photonics innovation capacity by analyzing different value chains valuable for high-tech photonics SMEs. This will allow significant leveraging of non-photonic sectors such as Environment / Energy, Transport, and Manufacturing, thereby, enabling the penetration of new markets and/or new application areas close to markets.
    The third dimension focuses on creating a bridge over the ‘Valley of Death’ to increase the competitiveness of the European photonics sector by developing Best Practices for enabling photonics SMEs access to European and regional Research Technology Organizations, harnessing educational and training programs aligned with their specific needs, determining next generation regional innovative smart specialization strategies and providing access to public and private financial supports.
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  • Opticsvalley is partner of the LASER-GO project launched at the beginning of 2016. The project aims to increase Europe’s innovation potential and the export-driven growth by connecting three regions situated at important crossroads in Europe by leveraging the competitive strengths of three clusters active in the areas of smart specialization.
    Three partners are member of this project:
    -     the coordinator of the project: LITEK-  Laser and Engineering Cluster, the major high-tech cluster in Lithuania with a focus on optoelectronics and laser technologies
    -     HumanTechnology Styria, the major cluster in Austria specialized in life sciences and health technologies.
    -     Opticsvalley
    These three clusters propose to create and develop a Strategic Cluster Partnership of Photonics for Health. The partnership aims to create linkages between cluster companies that could facilitate the new product development pipeline of products aimed at the growing sector of local health care services using key enabling technologies that clusters are focused on, namely: photonics and optoelectronics, laser technologies; wireless communication technologies; bioinformatics & software engineering and non-invasive diagnostics.
    For more information please contact Fiona Gerente :

Previous projects

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Local partners

  • “Ile de France” Regional Council
  • Paris Region Innovation Centre (CFI)
  • Chambers of Commerce (Paris, Essonne)
  • Regional and local development agencies (ARD, AEE)
  • OSEO
  • Ubifrance
  • French optics and photonics clusters (PopSud Optitec, Alpha Route des Lasers, Elopsys, Rhenaphotonics...)
  • Paris Region competitiveness clusters on Embedded Systems (System@TIC Paris Region)...