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    Année de création : 2012
    Effectif : 7

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CASCADE is a French company that develops innovative optically active light solutions which can shift the wavelength spectrum of sunlight. CASCADE formulations can be used to dope different kind of materials (polymers, peint, resins, glass coating...) and be adapted to numerous applications, such as agriculture, photovoltaic, LED,s, algae...

First developed application is in agriculture where CASCADE technology can boost photosynthesis to improve agricultural yield in a sustainable way. CASCADE develops an environmentally friendly solution which improves agronomic yield (up to 50% crop yield increase has already been achieved in field trials to date) of protected crops. This yield gain is due to a unique proprietary and innovative know-how that uses Optically Active Substances impregnated into a host material such as greenhouse films. This solution increases crop yield using a sustainable and cost-effective approach. It reduces the cost of agricultural production with better use of sunlight and farmland.

After having run numerous agronomic trials in the past 3 years CASCADE is now ready to launch its first products on strawberry and melon crops in 2017.

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